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Course Time: 1 Hour

Crafting meaningful messages that relay vital information

Course Description

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Course Time: 1 Hour

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Communications are critical during regular times, but even more important during an emergency or crisis. The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has demonstrated the need for clear, concise, and consistent communications with our customers, clients, staff, and stakeholders. But what do we do when something goes wrong? Numerous businesses, schools, religious institutions, child care programs, Head Start programs, and camps have been suddenly forced to cease operations due to a confirmed or suspected coronavirus case. This course discusses how best to handle these situations from a messaging and communication standpoint. Participants will learn the keys to crafting meaningful messages that relay vital information in a timely way – without causing undue harm to their reputation or creating legal liabilities. Participants will also learn tips and tools to engage with the media to amplify our message and avoid negative coverage.

Learning Goals and Objectives:

  • Define the term ‘crisis communication’

  • Describe the importance of crisis communication plans

  • Identify the key elements of effective messaging

  • Explain the role of the media and how to work with them during a crisis

  • Describe at least two actions you can take today to be better prepared for communicating during a crisis

  • Describe the characteristics of successful messaging

  • List two considerations you should keep in mind when engaging with the media

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