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Course Time: 1.5 Hours

Training to Respond to and Recover from COVID-19 Coronavirus

Course Description

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Course Time: 1.5 Hours 

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Food safety is of paramount importance. Each day millions of children are away from home, receiving care from early childhood professionals. It is important to ensure our early childhood workforce understands the basics of food safety, especially since studies estimate that children receive 70% of meals while away from home.

Further, children under 4 years of age are 4.5 times more likely to acquire bacterial infections from food compared to adults – making safe food handling practices essential. Through a mix of slides, graphics, live videos, and real-world scenarios, this course will provide early childhood professionals with knowledge of food safety practices designed to minimize the potential for contamination and food-borne disease outbreaks.

The coronavirus pandemic has complicated daily life. This course will also examine food safety practices in light of the coronavirus pandemic and provide concrete actionable solutions you can implement today to enhance the health and safety of your program.

Learning Goals and Objectives:

  • Discuss proper handling techniques for potentially hazardous foods.

  • Identify the types and causes of foodborne illness, best practices, and how to minimize the chances of a foodborne outbreak.

  • Identify safe food handling practices in the early childhood setting.

  • Describe the basic principles of food storage and preparation.

  • Discuss the importance and basic elements of food safety in the childcare setting.

  • Discuss actionable steps that can be implemented to reduce the likelihood of transmission during the coronavirus.

  • Describe at least two ways that programs should modify food service during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Identify at least two risks that are present due to the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Describe the risks associated with cooking food onsite, obtaining food from a catering company, and having children bring food from home.

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