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Workplace Violence Prevention Training and Planning Services for Any Audience

California Workplace Violence Prevention Act (CA SB 553)

About the California Workplace Violence Prevention Act (CA SB 553)

What is SB 553?

On September 30, 2023, Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law Senate Bill (SB) No. 553, which requires virtually every California employer to implement annual violence prevention training and a comprehensive workplace violence prevention plan (WVPP) with very specific requirements.

Who needs to comply?

SB 553 applies to all employers operating in California with a workforce of 10 or more individuals present on-site. 

Who is exempt?

Healthcare facilities and other service categories and operations outlined in Section 3342 of Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations are exempt from SB 553 requirements.

What are the requirements for the written workplace violence prevention plan?

The WVPP must be in writing, easily accessible to all employees, specific to the worksite, and in effect at all times. The WVPP must be customized for different locations if the worksite locations pose different hazards.  Employers must maintain workplace violent incident logs and records and conduct periodic reviews of the WVPP.

What are the training requirements of SB 553? 

Employee workplace violence training must be conducted when the plan is first established, annually thereafter, and when changes are made to the plan. 


SB 553 training must be interactive, allowing employees the opportunity to ask questions with an individual knowledgeable about the employer’s plan. Training must outline how employees can be involved in and participate in the development of the workplace violence prevention plan.

SB 533 imposes penalties for non-compliance, including fines and potential legal action. Employers are responsible for ensuring that their work place violence prevention plan is effectively implemented and maintained.

Deadline to Comply: July 1, 2024

Who does SB 553 impact? All industries!

The Institute Can Help!

With over two decades of emergency preparedness expertise, our team is well-equipped to assist you in meeting the requirements of CA SB 553. Our custom comprehensive workplace violence prevention package is your solution.  Let us guide you through the process and ensure compliance.


The Institute offers a variety of training formats to meet your needs. On-Site, Live, OnDemand, and Hybrid Training options are available to ensure you meet SB 553’s initial and annual training requirements.

Workplace violence prevention plans

Our experts can help you develop a customized plan or plans for all  your operational locations.  



Our team can offer ongoing consultation services to help your business stay in compliance with SB553 on an annual basis.

How-to resource documents

We have an assortment of supportive materials, templates, how-to documents, and D.I.Y solutions to help you navigate and meet all requirements of SB 553.


Let’s work together to create a comprehensive training and workplace violence prevention plan that meets your business/organization’s unique needs!


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