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Metas y objetivos de aprendizaje:

Los participantes obtienen una comprensión más profunda de las situaciones de tiradores activos:

  • Antecedentes históricos de incidentes de tiradores activos en los Estados Unidos

  • Cómo prepararse mejor: cómo realizar simulacros

  • Cómo responder de manera más efectiva

  • Cómo suele responder la policía

  • Cómo asegurar su instalación

  • Cómo desarrollar un plan de acción para contrarrestar estas situaciones.

Metas y objetivos de aprendizaje:

The coronavirus pandemic has had fundamental impacts on society. Folks are more on edge than ever and we are consistently reading about situations where verbal confrontations lead to acts of violence. This training was designed to help early childhood staff increase site safety and security by providing them with real-life situations and scenarios to demonstrate leading practices for site safety and security.


Further, this course teaches the principles of crisis communications – which is a vital part of any emergency preparedness plan. Ensuring communications are concise, timely and accurate is of paramount importance before, during and after an emergency. This ensures staff, parents and the community receive accurate information and a program’s reputation is not damaged.


Finally, we discuss dealing with difficult people and the principles that make up verbal de-escalation. This is an important skill – now more than ever – as we are faced daily with challenges to new rules, mask policies, etc. These new challenges are on top of the other sticky situations that early childhood professionals already face – such as custody battles, messy divorces, etc.  This course will teach providers how to handle situations without raising the temperature and proven techniques that they can use to keep tempers from boiling over. 

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