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Protecting Children: Coronavirus Considerations with Dr. Brent Kaziny

Course Time: 30 Minutes

We are pleased to provide you with this free course on coronavirus considerations where Dr. Kaziny shares his experience as a practicing physician specializing in pediatrics 

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Course Time: 30 Minutes

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The Institute for Childhood Preparedness is committed to enhancing your safety and security. As part of our mission, we work with award-winning professionals who are recognized experts in their various fields to ensure you have access to the latest information and resources. We are happy to provide this FREE course focused on coronavirus and children. The course builds upon our 7-course coronavirus series – over 10.5 hours of coronavirus programming developed specifically for those caring for children. This free course features a conversation between the Institute for Childhood Preparedness’ Executive Director, Andrew Roszak, and Dr. Brent Kaziny of Texas Children's Hospital. Dr. Kaziny shares his experience as a practicing physician specializing in pediatrics and also as a father of two young children.

​Learning Objectives:

  • How coronavirus impacts children

  • Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Discussion of health screenings

  • How the fall/winter flu season may impact coronavirus and how we should handle children that present at health screenings with fever/signs of illness

  • What is an incubation period and how does that impact testing for coronavirus

  • Considerations if you have a suspect coronavirus case in your program

  • Mitigating risk in the time of coronavirus

  • Tips for engaging parents as you reopen and continue operations at your child-serving program

  • From a parent perspective, things you can do to engage and reassure parents

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