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Metas y objetivos de aprendizaje:

Los participantes obtienen una comprensión más profunda de las situaciones de tiradores activos:

  • Antecedentes históricos de incidentes de tiradores activos en los Estados Unidos

  • Cómo prepararse mejor: cómo realizar simulacros

  • Cómo responder de manera más efectiva

  • Cómo suele responder la policía

  • Cómo asegurar su instalación

  • Cómo desarrollar un plan de acción para contrarrestar estas situaciones.

Metas y objetivos de aprendizaje:

Situational awareness means being aware of your surroundings. The sooner you can identify things that are out of place, the more time you have to respond and react. This is especially important in an early care and education setting, as young children rely on providers to protect them and keep them safe.


In our situational awareness training, participants will learn and gain resources from a mix of slides, real-life videos, and graphics. Participants will learn how to create a culture of safety and awareness. Ultimately, participants will benefit by being more prepared and more situationally aware of their surroundings and environment. 

Course Description

Andrew and Ron are certified Stop the Bleed instructors. This training teaches participants how to recognize life-threatening bleeding and provide immediate help. Our goal is to prepare as many people as possible to learn stop the bleed techniques, so participants are better prepared to save lives during a severe bleeding event.


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