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Metas y objetivos de aprendizaje:

Los participantes obtienen una comprensión más profunda de las situaciones de tiradores activos:

  • Antecedentes históricos de incidentes de tiradores activos en los Estados Unidos

  • Cómo prepararse mejor: cómo realizar simulacros

  • Cómo responder de manera más efectiva

  • Cómo suele responder la policía

  • Cómo asegurar su instalación

  • Cómo desarrollar un plan de acción para contrarrestar estas situaciones.

Metas y objetivos de aprendizaje:

Active shooter preparedness training for early childhood professionals is a critical component to keeping child care programs safe and secure. Unfortunately, active shooter events are on the rise. Not a single week in 2022 passed without at least four mass shootings. A total of 647 mass shootings. In 2023, 655 incidents of mass violence occurred in the USA. Sadly, in 2024 we see this trend of violence continuing. Child care professionals need to train for these events just as they would for a fire, tornado, flood, or earthquake. 


We designed our training course to meet the specific needs of early childhood professionals. We provide lectures, discussion, and hands-on activities designed to make your staff more prepared and empowered. We work with teachers in the classroom to develop and test response strategies and techniques. A typical course runs 3 hours, but any training can be customized to fit your schedule. To keep groups manageable, we usually conduct the session to 50 participants at a time. 


At our active shooter preparedness training and workshops, participants learn evidence-based techniques and strategies on how to prepare for and respond to an active shooter incident. Participants learn how to conduct drills, develop a customized plan, and work together to ensure staff, teachers, and children are best prepared. The course also features a hands-on portion, where the tools and techniques discussed in the class are put to use. 


We are aware of other companies providing active shooter preparedness training with simulated violence and gunfire. We condemn these types of training, and we never simulate gunfire or perform unannounced drills during our active shooter preparedness training. Our training sessions are conducted in a calm, safe, and comfortable environment. Read a letter from our Executive Director, Andrew Roszak, about the dangers of simulated violence and unannounced drills.

We wrote the book!

We take all of our training very seriously. Our training is developed specifically for early childhood professionals by experts. Not only do we offer training courses, but in collaboration with Gryphon House and Kaplan, we have published the first and only book on this topic. This award-winning book provides you with tips, resources and information to help your preparedness efforts. 

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