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Andrew Roszak - JD, MPA, EMT-P, Executive Director at the Institute for Childhood Preparedness publications and prior work samples.


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Andrew Roszak has contributed to a variety of publications ranging from peer reviewed journals to blogs.



Roszak, Andrew R. “Preschool Preparedness for an Active Shooter”, Published by Gryphon House, March 2020

Roszak, Andrew R. “Preschool Preparedness for an Emergency”, Published by Gryphon House, December 2020 release

Roszak, Andrew R. “Preschool Recovery After a Disaster”, Published by Gryphon House, April 2021 release

Peer Reviewed Articles

Leser, K.A., Looper-Coats, J., & Roszak, A.R. “Emergency preparedness planning behaviors among child care providers in the United States”. Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, Fall 2018

Hershey, Pryde, Phifer, Mwaungulu, Roszak, “Putting the Law into Practice: A Comparison of Isolation and Quarantine as Tools to Control TB and Ebola”, Journal of Public Health Management, October 2015

Rubin, Schulman, Roszak, Herrmann, Patel, Koonin, Leveraging Partnerships among Community Pharmacists, Pharmacies, and Health Departments to Improve Pandemic Influenza Response,” Biosecurity and Bioterrorism, March/April 2014

Rubin, Roszak, “Improving Community Resilience through Public Health Preparedness Partnerships,” Journal of Public Health Management, August 2013

Roszak, Andrew R., “Law Unclear about Duty to Use AEDs: Will you be at fault?”, Journal of Emergency Medical Services, April 2012

Johnson, Handrigan, Roszak, “Aligning Federal Efforts in Emergency Medical Care: Surveying the Existing Landscape”, Georgetown Public Policy Review, Volume 15, No. 1, 2009-2010

Roszak, Jensen, Wild, Yeskey, Handrigan, “Implications of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act During Public Health Emergencies and on Alternate Sites of Care”, Disaster Med Pub Health Preparedness. 2009; 3 (Suppl 2)

Peer Reviewed Articles

Editorial / Opinion Articles

Editorial Articles

Roszak, Andrew R. “Active Shooter Drills Undermine Advances”, The Journal, November 2019

Roszak, Andrew R, “Puerto Rico’s Children Need Recovery Funds”, The Hill, January 2018

Roszak, Andrew R, “Child Care Provides Numerous Benefits, There Should Be Better Legislation”, The Hill, April 2017

Roszak, Newman, “AEDs Save Lives But AEDs in Hiding Are Rendered Useless”, HuffPost, November 2016

Government Publications

Klaes, Buzzell, Roszak, Brown, “Radiological Emergency Preparedness and Response: Educational Facilities Preparedness & Legal Study”, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, September 2016

Clinical Framework and Medical Countermeasure Use During an Anthrax Mass-Casualty Incident, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, December 2015

“Clinical Guidance for Smallpox Vaccine Use in a Postevent Vaccination Program”, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, February 2015

Buzzell, Klaes, Penn, Roszak, Rubin, Brown, “Examination of Legal Language Authorizing Responses to Incidents Involving Contamination with Radioactive Material”, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, May 2014

“H1N1 Compendium: National Strategic Plan for Emergency Department Management of Outbreaks of Novel H1N1Influenza”, available on, September 2009

Government Publicatons

Professional Journals

Professional Journals

Roszak, Andrew R. “Military Use for Continued Law Enforcement During the Pandemic”, DomPrep Journal, April 2020

Roszak, Andrew R. “Podcast – Pandemic Influenza: Advice & Suggestions From an Expert”, DomPrep Journal Podcast, August 2019

Roszak, Andrew R, “Legislation Protecting Children in Disasters”, DomPrep Journal, April 2017

Roszak, Andrew R., “State of Preparedness 2016: Children & Child Care”, DomPrep Journal, February 2016

Roszak, Andrew R., “Food for Thought: Emergency Shelters and Food Allergies”, DomPrep Journal, December 2015

Andrew R., “Preparedness: Moving Beyond the Stockpiling of Stuff”, DomPrep Journal, March 2015

Roszak, Andrew R., “Aligning Priorities with Healthcare Coalitions”, Domestic Preparedness Journal, April 2012

Roszak, Andrew R., "If an AED Is Legislatively Mandated, Is There a Duty to Use It?", April 2012

Roszak, Andrew R.,“EMS Immunity, Which Act has You Covered?”, Am. Bar Assoc. Section of State and Local Government Law’s State and Local Law News, Volume 31, No.2, Winter 2008

Roszak, Andrew R., "Legal implications of automated external defibrillators", October 2008

Early Care and Education Focused Articles, Blogs, Publications, Interviews

Roszak, Andrew R. “How to Re-Open Your Center During COVID-19”, Gryphon House Publishing, May 2020

Debara, Deanna, Here’s What You Need to Know About Running Safely During COVID-19”, Fitbit Blog – quoting Andrew Roszak, May 2020

Choi, Carmen, “COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness Plan for Child Care Providers”, HiMama Blog and Podcast featuring Andrew Roszak, April 2020

Suttles, Dylan, “To Educate, Not To Terrify: Teachers Prepared for Active Shooter Scenarios”, The Telegraph –interview of Andrew Roszak, September 2019

Scott, Colby, “National Preparedness Month: Readying for Natural Disasters”, Parentology – quoting Andrew Roszak, September 2019

Dyjack, David, "Every Child Deserves a Head Start", Febuary 2019

Roszak, Andrew, “Using STREAM Techniques After Disasters to Keep Kids Learning and Engaged”, Funshine Express Blog, October 2018

"Rebuilding Communities So Parents Can Work", Child Care Works, August 2016

Care and Education Articles

Samples of Prior Work

Prior Work Samples

Andrew Roszak has been involved in a number of emergency preparedness, environmental health and public health projects. Some examples include:

after the disaster advertisement

Webinar: Food Safety and Mold

Loss of power, excess moisture and standing water are common problems that exist as a result of natural disasters. During the webinar, get tips for determining safety of food after a power loss as well as information on understanding how to deal with mold in your child care program

healthy homes basic app screen shot

Healthy Homes Basics App

US Dept of Housing & Urban Development The Healthy Homes Basics app, from HUD’s Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes offers practical how-to guidance on how to have a safe and healthy home, right at your fingertips. The app offers introductory information and guidance for consumers by teaching the “Principals of a Healthy Home”. Roszak served as the project lead for the app design and was the main interface between HUD and the app designer, Mobomo.

community health and shale development

Community Health & Shale Development

Developed for local public health officials, in collaboration with Shell Oil Corporation and RESOLVE, this guidebook provides information and guidance on the health issues that could accompany shale energy development.

hurricane preparedness with sesame street

Hurricane Preparedness with Sesame Street

During this one hour video, Andrew Roszak and the team from Sesame Street discuss preparing families for hurricanes. Roszak also discusses the public and environmental health consequences following hurricanes.

public health preparedness

Contamination by Radioactive Material: Legal Preparedness

This document, developed in collaboration with the US Centers for Disease Control and Preventions’ National Center for Environmental Health, Radiation Studies Branch and Public Health Law Program examines the state and local legal authorities related to the response to and recovery from incidents in which members of the public become contaminated or potentially contaminated with radioactive material.

the hill purto rico's children need recovery funds

Puerto Rico's children need recovery funds

In this opinion piece, Roszak discusses the current status of the situation post hurricane in Puerto Rico and explores why supplemental funding is needed.

emergency preparedness manual

Emergency Preparedness Manual

Released in September of 2018, this emergency preparedness manual was developed for the National Center on Early Childhood Health and Wellness, for use in Head Start programs throughout the United States. through a collaboration with Roszak's emergency preparedness team at Child Care Aware of America and the American Academy of Pediatrics. A supplemental training program, with PowerPoint presentations was also developed.

domestic preparedness podcast logo

Domestic Preparedness Podcasts

Domestic Preparedness Advisor Andrew Roszak serves as host for the Domestic Preparedness Podcast Series, available at:
Numerous topics are available, including Protecting Children in Disasters, Protecting Food, Air and Water: Environmental Health, Hurricane Recovery - The Price of Paradise, Pandemic Influenza: Advice and Suggestions from an Expert.

flint water crisis, a first hand account

Flint Water Crisis: A Firsthand Account

Roszak was chosen to moderate this important session at the National Association of Environmental Health’s Annual Education Conference and the US Dept of Housing and Urban Development’s Healthy Homes Conference. The session examined the events that lead to the tragic exposure of Flint’s residents to lead through the public drinking water system.

violence and active shooter training

Violence and Active Shooter

Andrew secured support from the Ohio Child Care Resource & Referral Association, Child Care Aware of Kansas, and Child Care Aware of Virginia, which allowed him to pilot the active shooter training for child care providers course that he developed to nearly 500 child care providers. The training was featured as the lead story on several local news stations, including the Toledo ABC news, the Topeka NBC news, Kansas City CBS news, and the Wichita CBS news.

Keynote Addresses

Keynote Addresses

June 2019: Riverside County Child Care Safety Summit, which focused on natural disasters and emergency preparedness.

October 2019: New Jersey Safety for All Summit. Brought together early childhood professionals, after school programs, law enforcement officials, and K-12 principals and administrators.

June 2019: Child Care Aware of New Jersey Retreat

2019: LeafSpring Schools Owners Retreat

November 2019: Child Care Aware of Virginia Business Summit

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