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SMS Text Messaging for Any Audience

In an emergency, every second counts. (SMS) Short-code messaging is the quickest and easiest way to connect with your audience. It allows you to reach people simultaneously, increasing the likelihood that your message will be received and responded to quickly.

According to Brough Turner, a communications engineer, text messages consume fewer network resources than voice calls or video chats, making them more likely to be delivered during heavy network congestion. This reliability ensures that you reach your intended recipients, even during an emergency.


The Institute for Childhood Preparedness’ SMS texting system is a robust platform comprised of many customized features.  It is a solid emergency notification system; however, it was developed with the goal of comprehensive use in mind - to support daily services, community outreach, volunteer engagement and more. 

How is ICP’s Texting Platform being used?

  • Business/Organization Updates 

  • Staff Communication 

  • Community Education/Awareness 

  • Emergency Alerts

  • Donor Campaigns

  • Boost Email Campaigns 

  • Program/Service Announcements 

  • Webinar/Training/Meeting Updates

  • Upcoming Events 

  • Deliver Surveys & Reports

  • Conference Campaigns 

  • Volunteer Coordination

Benefits of Mass Texting

Fast & high-priority

SMS takes priority over other forms of communication; it requires less signal strength & can send up to 400 messages/second

Additional spoke in your wheel

Texting does NOT replace existing communication (add-on)


Feels more human because it’s conversational

Mobile & doesn’t require WIFI

Available without a wifi connection or data


Make your point w/ few characters, no fluff

Multipurpose solution

Increase general/daily communication & emergent communication

It gets read

High open rates, preferred method of communication


Every demographic and age group use texting

ICP’s Texting Platform Differentiator

  • No App download 

  • Multi-use options – utilize across all departments/programs

  • Unlimited users and contacts

  • Custom platform features & data capture

  • Segmentation - unlimited target lists & groups

  • Export options 

  • Resources 

  • Mobile business card, web form opt-in, QR codes, url shortener

  • Marketing collateral 

  • Message templates

  • Networking with other customers

  • Thorough onboarding


Image by Christopher Ryan

Child-Serving Programs

Head Start, Child Care Programs, After-School Programs, Summer Camps, Pre-K, Educational Services/Schools, etc.

Kids Bowling

Recreational Businesses

Bowling Alleys, Rec Programs, Movie Theaters, Dance Companies, Fitness Centers, etc.



CCR&Rs, YMCAs, American Red Cross, Community Action Programs, Religious/Civic Services, Human Service Organizations, etc.

Image by Kenny Eliason

Educational Institutions

Universities, K-12 schools, Community colleges, Technical and vocational schools

Barber Portrait

Service Establishments

Hair Salons, Automotive Shops, Restaurants, Design Agencies, Tech Companies, Banks, Department Stores, etc.

Send personalized, informational, and/or emergency text messages fast — whether they're going to five people or 50,000, our SMS text service makes it easy to engage your audience.

Grow Your Vision

ICP is your mass texting solution! It’s as easy as . . .

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